Domain Buying Details

Purchasing a new catchy brandable business name or keyword domain shouldn't be a long process. We work hard to make the buying then transfer process as simple as possible. If you are interested in purchasing a specific name before another buyer may come along feeling its current value is fair to purchase outright, then simply click the “Buy Now” button to ensure immediate reservation which will place it in out of stock until we finish the buying transaction. Using the ENQUIRE Button For Buyers by Making a Binding 72 Hour Offer on the Domain. All names listed with $0.00 are all only Make Offer / ENQUIRE Domain Sales. We will then reach out to the domain seller to ensure the bid is what they are comfortable with and negotiable transfer thru with the buyer paying the fees at then the domain seller on pay the final 15% success fee.

You use the cart with BIN Pricing to navigate to the brand and then create a free account, add your item to cart then use Checkout. Our team will reach out within a few hours to get the process setup on between Buyer / Seller & Once your domain transaction is made, you 'll receive an email confirming the sale transaction. Within 24 hours, you will receive another email from Domain Consultant detailing how to handle the transfer of your new domain name using . This domain name transfer process is listed below:

For a fastest domain transfer, we  ask that you create a free account at the current registrar where your purchased domain from is registered. You may also choose to have the domain transferred to a different registrar in which any fees for this will be paid buy you the domain buyer. This process, however, typically takes about 3-7 days to complete when using, the safest method for all parties online to transfer domains with. 

Once has received the required domain registrar account details for the name transfer, they contact the current domain owner to initiate the transfer immediately. Once the transfer is initiated, you will receive an email notification from the receiving domain registrar with instructions on how to confirm the transfer was completed. You may also opt for the Concierge Process with them at a higher fee and even more safe with higher valued domain sales.

The easiest and quickest method is having sold domain transferred at the same registrar in it can be done within 15 minutes after our sales team confirms all transaction data to move the process forward. Domains listed with 0.00 (ENQUIRE) are under no obligation to accept any offer. All domains listed with prices are In Stock and ready for immediate sale to transfer within 24-48 hours, first come first serve with the BIN methods all handled securley via 3RD party.

Unsure which domain names may be a good fit for your new company launch? Feel free to create a FREE ACCOUNT to add your FAVORITES to the Brand Watch list. This is helpful when you stumble across our site on a weekend or evening then want to show the office team in the morning some reasonably priced brand domain picks you came up with. Finally, use the COMPARE DOMAINS feature to review the look of multiple domains at once with some descriptive domain information when available.